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"The Daintiest that they Taste"

Cream of Tartar
Golden Syrup
Maple Syrup
Condensed Milk
Gum Arabic
Baking Soda
Puffed Rice
Preserved Ginger

When making candy, always use the best materials.

Candy of the better grade is very largely made up of sugar, with the addition of various colors, flavors, nuts, fruits, etc., and sometimes fat, starch, and glucose. The food value of candy may be expressed by the amount of sugar contained, but the wholesomeness of the other ingredients must be taken into account.

The sugar used in nearly all candy is the cane variety. Beet-sugar is very good and costs less than cane-sugar, but it is not so sweet and will not produce so palatable a sweetmeat.

Parents do their children a great injury by denying them good, pure candies. The child requires a large amount of sugar, for sugar assists in the processes of growth as no other food element can possibly do. Children of an older growth, too, require a proper amount of good, pure sugar, for these white crystals feed the ever-burning flame of the body, supplying animal heat, which is life, and rousing the nervous energies, in some cases, even better than phosphates.

Sugar, too, possesses great antiseptic properties, and can be employed to preserve animal and vegetable substances from decomposition. If added to fish, meat, etc., it renders less salt necessary for keeping them, causing them to retain more of their natural taste and flavor.

As much pure sugar as can be eaten without producing acidity is most beneficial to any one who has a desire for it. When sugar is submitted to various changes of temperature, we find it taking a number of different forms and exhibiting various characteristics.

No other single material in cookery can be produced in so many different forms. Brown and yellow sugars consist of the coarser part of the sugar, and are suitable for some kinds of candy. Confectioners' sugar is a specially pulverized sugar suitable for icings or frostings, and is used also in candy making. Maple-sugar is obtained from the sap of the sugar-maple tree and it makes delicious candy. All sugars, especially confectioners' sugar, should be kept in a dry place.

Glucose is a material against which there is much needless prejudice. Many people arc really surprised beyond belief when told that glucose is one of the sweet principles of fruits, and is the chief constituent of honey. Glucose, or starch-sugar, is made from corn-starch, which is as natural a product as cane-sugar. It is prepared by the action of a dilute solution upon corn-starch. The conversion is completed by the action of steam under pressure.

Glucose is easier to digest than sugar, because before the digestive organs can assimilate sugar they must convert it into glucose.

In candy making small quantities of glucose are used to prevent the sugar from granulating during boiling. The best candy is produced by the use of 85 per cent sugar and 15 per cent glucose.

Cream of tartar or tartaric acid may take the place of glucose in some recipes, as they also tend to prevent granulation.

Colors for use in candies are now easily procured, and are sold at reasonable prices. These colors vary greatly in strength and quality, according to the various makes. The amount of color to be used in any given case depends upon the shade of color desired, and must be varied to suit the individual taste.

The use of flavoring extracts is universal throughout the civilized world. Wherever dainty dishes are served and eaten, wherever good food is appreciated and skilled cooks try to tempt the epicure, flavoring extracts are in constant demand. Nothing is more necessary in the preparation of home-made candies than the flavor which makes it enjoyable. Therefore it is supremely important that they should be of the highest purity and quality. Inferior extracts will result in flavorless candies that can only be a source of disappointment.

Powdered gelatine is sometimes used in making candies; it should be of the best make.

The nuts generally used are sweet and bitter almonds, black and English walnuts, filberts, peanuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, pistachio nuts, Brazil nuts, butter-nuts, pecans, and hickory-nuts. In cracking nuts it is necessary to hold the nut in such a position that the shell shall be crushed along definite lines. Thus, hickory-nuts must be struck on the thin side, and pecan nuts and butter-nuts on the end.

With such nuts as the almond and filbert, less care is needed, as the nut is loose inside the shell. Shelled nuts are now common commercial products. They should always be washed and dried before they are used.

Cocoa-butter is used to enrich a poor quality of chocolate and bring it to the right coating consistency.

Butter used in candy making must be pure and wholesome and free from salt. On no account may butter-substitutes, such as oleomargarine, be used in candy making.


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