Sunday, March 26, 2006


Remove the stones from one pound of dates and stuff them with salted almonds. Close the dates, then brush them over with a little beaten white of egg, and roll in colored sugar, colored coconut, chopped pistachio nuts, or spangle with brilliantine. Dates may be stuffed with flavored and colored fondant, then closed and soaked in a little sherry wine for ten minutes. To finish, drain and roll them in fine sugar. They may be stuffed with seedless raisins or marshmallows, walnuts chopped to a paste, preserved ginger and cherries chopped together, pecan-nut meats and cherries chopped together, figs, prunes, and shredded coconut finely chopped. A toasted almond may be pressed into the marshmallows before they are put into the dates.

Fill stoned dates with the following mixture: Boil together one and a half cupfuls of sugar and one cupful of milk for a few minutes, then add one heaping teaspoonful of sweet butter and boil till it forms a soft ball when tried in cold water. Remove from the fire; add one teaspoonful of rose extract and a few drops of red color and beat until thick. When the dates are stuffed, roll in chopped nut meats. Dates are delicious stuffed with fresh peanut butter, then dipped into melted chocolate, melted fondant, or into glace. They may be stuffed with pale-green marzipan flavored with peppermint extract; or they may be filled with chopped English walnut meats, rolled in boiled frosting, and in finely chopped coconut. Black walnut meats may be used in the same way. Remove the stones from large dates and stuff them with raisins or cherries that have been filled with flavored fondant, or stuff the dates with chopped candied ginger, candied pineapple, pounded dates, chopped angelica, chopped pistachio nuts, roasted almonds, roasted peanuts, or with chopped nougat. Pack the dates in layers, in a tin box, covering each layer with waxed paper. The stuffed dates may be dipped in melted, flavored fondant, melted chocolate, or glace.

Prunes, figs, and cherries may be stuffed and dipped in the same way. Remove the stones from large dates. Melt a little butter in a small frying pan, put the dates in, split side up, fry for a few minutes, turn over, and fry the other side. Remove from the fire, stuff each with chopped nuts flavored with vanilla extract, and roll in colored sugar or colored coconut.


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